Saturday, March 27, 2010

God Bless America

Whew, I never thought the day would come for me to finally board that plane and head back to the good ole USA! This day didn't come without some trial and tribulations, if it did it just wouldn't be right! On Thursday, March 18th I was given permission to leave Israel and go home (jumps up and down excited)! Here's where all the problems start, I call US Airways to change my flight they inform me that if I want to leave on Friday, March 19th the change fee would be $800(difference in the price of the ticket) plus $250(change fee), I had to sit back and think how bad did I really want to leave Israel! I decided that I would check out my other options, well my other options were slim pickings because the next time that I could fly on that airlines was on March 27th and I had to pay $400(difference in the price of the ticket) plus $250(change fee), decisions decisions! I opted out out of both those options and just decided to purchase a whole new ticket and leave when I wanted. So when all my plans were finalized, my roommates threw me a going away party at our apartment and quite a few people showed up! It was the nicest thing that has happened to me by my teammates overseas. I had a blast and was sad to leave those guys! We will meet again soon!!
So on my flight home, I was so excited to just be on that flight that it was very difficult to sleep! Not only was I excited and couldn't sleep but the guy that was sitting next to me had the worst smelling breath ever. It seemed like it was messing with me, the smell kept finding its way to my nose no matter what I put over my face! Not only did his breath stink, when he fell asleep he slept with his mouth open and kept leaning towards me! How did I ever get so lucky? Usually like 30 or 40 minutes before the flight lands people get up and go to the bathroom and prepare themselves to see their loved ones. You know brush your teeth and wash your face, not this guy he slept the entire time until it was time to get off the plane! Instead of selling drinks and duty free items they should sell toothbrushes and toothpaste especially on these long flights! I really need to start carrying mints and gum on all flights just for situations like this one! Im running off this flight when it land, 11 and a half hours on a flight with someone with stinky breath makes for a terrible flight!
Home sweet home!!! Im going to lay on my sofa and watch every show that comes on until I fall asleep. I miss everything about America and my home! I never want to leave again, sike Ill be gone to Tulsa in a month!

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  1. Welcome home! I've been trying to keep up with all the players overseas. I hope you got to talk to Brittney Griner; she was something else against the Vols eh? I can't wait to see what she is like after 3 more years in college. She should stay in green though, Lauren Jackson will need some time to mentor her before she retires (o;