Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Additions, New City

I've been gone for a while trying to get a handle on the obstacles that life has thrown at me. Well lets take it back for a moment, Tulsa training camp was the hardest preseason workout that I've ever been thru in my career. I mean at one point in 5 and a half days we had 11 practices. Talk about being prepared! 40 Minutes of Hell is no joke, Im sad that I didn't get the opportunity to fully understand the system and enjoy wrecking havoc on other teams. While trying to figure out Coach Richardson's system, we had a disagreement that was hard for both parties to recover from. Both sides tried to reconcile our differences but ultimately it was my decision to make a move and start over new somewhere. I felt as if I wasn't able to contribute to the success of the team and that I was holding them back. Everyone knows that when you are unhappy with circumstances that are presented to you, it can make something you love to do something that you dread doing. That was the point that I was at and I expressed that to Coach Richardson and he made the trade. Im officially a New York Liberty!
Wow, back in the east once again! It really feels weird now that Im on the east coast again and not in Detroit but I couldn't have asked for a better place to be traded to. I received the warmest welcome from the staff and players here that I've ever received. I've had so many Liberty fans send warm wishes to me on Twitter and Facebook. I think New York will definitely a place that I can call my basketball home. Everything happened so fast, I received the phone call from Coach Richardson that I had been traded on Monday morning and about 2 hours later I received a phone call from Blaze (NY Liberty GM) stating that they would like me to leave that night... Whew, I had nothing packed and hadn't figured out anything as far as getting the dogs and my car to New York. I explained that it was impossible for me to take a flight out that evening and I left early the next morning. I get into New York, head to my living quarters, then Im whisked away to my first practice. It was great but yet overwhelming to get out there and have to be on a crash corse on about 50 plays as well as learn what your new teammates like to do. I got thru it and felt better about the transition, Im anxiously awaiting for Friday when I can put on my Liberty uniform for the first time. Not only did I move to New York but I also had to change my number because we all know that Cappie Pondexter wears 23, so I changed my number to 331 I changed it to 33 because Scottie Pippen wore it and he was one of the best players that was known for doing all the little things that helped win games and thats what I want to do for the Liberty. I got a new puppy!
While in Tulsa, Hump surprised with a new puppy. I was so excited because I had been really down about the things that I was going thru. We named her Kylie, she's a Chihuahua and the cutest thing ever.
Thats all for now, look for updates after my first game as Liberty and also new pics! Anything else you want to hear about just ask and Ill do my best to answer your questions in the next blog.. I love my fans!!


  1. Hey P,

    Life often takes some twists and turns, but the opportunity is what you make of it. You have the right attitude. I wish you all the best in NYC.

    jkayet59 (Jacqui)

  2. Glad to see things are looking up for you. I can't wait to see you play in NY, they just gained a fan.

  3. Plenette,

    It was a pleasure watching you as part of the Tulsa Shock. It was even more of a pleasure for me to meet you along with Marion and Alexis at the jersey unveiling. I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out. But I learned a long time ago that things happen for a reason and they each serve a purpose.

    We'll miss you in Tulsa and I wish you nothing but the best in NY and in the future. Take care, Plenette!

    Brian D.
    Tulsa, OK
    Tulsa Shock & OKC Thunder season ticket member

  4. Hey P jus when you get within 3hours of me you UP an head to NYC, just letting you kno I'm watching you...

    Love you, you kno who ur BIG CUZ ( fort worth )

  5. Hey Plenette,
    Just hang in there! You are one heck of a phenomenal player and all will work out, it always does. I was very upset when the Detroit Shock was sold. I just figured I would have to watch whatever team was on, not thinking we would see too many of the Tulsa games. But now with all the trades our girls ( yes, you DEEEEETROIT SHOCK ladies will always be our girls!!!) are all over the place. So no matter what team is playing there is someone to watch! You will be ok, because you are one of the best. So just hang in there! A Detroit Fan!